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Founded in 2001, Bricks in Motion is a friendly filmmaking community devoted to the art of stop-motion animation. Most of our films, sometimes called brickfilms or LEGO movies, are created using LEGO® and other plastic brick building toys. We have an active forum for filmmakers to learn from each other and share their work, as well as an ever-growing directory of films submitted by our members, and periodic animation contests that challenge filmmakers to push their skills further.

The Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long Contest 2017 has started! The theme is Experimental and the mod elements are a blue brick connected to a white brick and the letter R. The deadline is July 2 at 0:00 BST (British Standard Time). For full details, see the contest start thread!

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The theme of BricksInMotion.com’s 2017 contest is Adventure.

The contest will run from June 5th to September 10th. Prizes for this year’s competition are provided in part by this year’s sponsors: DragonframeBrickstuff and The LEGO Animation Book! In addition to the prize pool for the top three, this contest also includes a prize for Promising Director.

Want to learn more? Check out the forum post for complete details on this contest!

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Bricks in Motion is happy to announce the 2017 Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long (BRAWL) contest! Brickfilmers will have one week to create an entry from June 25 until July 2, starting and ending at 12:00 am (00:00) BST (British Standard Time). The contest is being hosted by longtime host FunSucker and prizes are again being generously provided by BrickWarriors. Read the full announcement and rules in the announcement thread!

The BRAWL contest has been hosted on the Bricks in Motion forums since 2008, the year the site began, but this is the first time that the contest is being held in official association with Bricks in Motion. Read more about the history of BRAWL on the Brickfilms Wiki page.

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BrickVideo Studio is running its second brickfilm contest, "Spring Blossoms". This follows their successful "Fooled" contest, and it is again sponsored by Minifigures.com, with an upgrade to the prizes. Entries to the contest must include a flower or plant, and the deadline is June 24.

BrickVideo Studio was founded by Daniel Utecht (known as Plastic Planet Productions on YouTube) and Don Potratz. It streams brickfilms to TV using Roku, and the first place prize for the Spring Blossoms contest includes a Roku player.

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LEGO has announced a new Rebrick brickfilming competition, "Ninja for a Day", for 15 - 30 second films showing how a resident of Ninjago city spends their day. This is the second Ninjago-themed Rebrick contest, and this time six winners will have the chance to have their animation featured in The LEGO Ninjago Movie, in addition to receiving a huge haul of prizes including the full LEGO Ninjago Movie set range and a mystery exclusive Ninjago set valued at $300. This is the first time that all six winners will receive the grand prize, rather than some of them winning runner-up prizes as in previous Rebrick contests. The deadline is May 10, and the higher chance to win big really does make this contest seem worth entering.

Visit the Rebrick thread in the BiM forums to discuss, or read more about the Rebrick competions on the wiki!

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We have a major announcement to make about the future of this website. Read the full information here!

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Nope, this isn’t testing out how Raggedy Ann and Andy move. This is real. This is legit. Camera movement for stop motion. Take a look. Do you have the pieces to build this camera rig yourself? Does this give you ideas for making your own camera movement rig? Do you see a way to improve upon the design for moving the camera further?

Join the conversation in this week’s highlighted topic.

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The Line Up

Need some voice actors? Trying to find that voice that fits a certain villain/hero? All your characters sound like the same person, because they’re all voiced by YOU?

Come on over to The Brickfilm Casting Agency! We’ve got all types, some are quicker at response than others, and there’s a few restrictions for some, but there’s enough variety to fill your whole cast.

Please remember to be respectful of other’s time, and they will do their best to help you out, they are volunteering after all. Read through the list of available voice actors and see who might be able to help you out.

Get your cast assembled today!

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Results for the latest 24-Hour Animation Contest are out! Congratulations to the team behind (Never) Meant to Be for their win.

For the full top ten list, visit the announcement thread.

Thank you to our contest sponsors, Brickstuff and David Pagano and David Pickett for providing the prizes!


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Bricks in Motion Poster

Bricks in Motion, a feature length documentary about the world of LEGO animators, is now available for purchase on Vimeo On Demand.

Had a chance to see the film? Discuss the film with the community in the official discussion thread!

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