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Founded in 2001, Bricks in Motion is a friendly filmmaking community devoted to the art of stop-motion animation. Most of our films, sometimes called brickfilms or LEGO movies, are created using LEGO® and other plastic brick building toys. We have an active forum for filmmakers to learn from each other and share their work, as well as an ever-growing directory of films submitted by our members, and periodic animation contests that challenge filmmakers to push their skills further.


Hello members of Bricks in Motion! If you've been around for any length of time, you probably know me. If not, hi! I'm rioforce. I'm the new administrator of BiM. I've been a member for a little over 4 years now and a moderator for almost 2 years and owe so much to BiM. Brickfilming has been one of the most life changing things I've done and I'm so thankful for the community we have here where we teach each other and encourage each other with animating.

Sillypenta, a good friend of mine and the rest of the staff, decided to resign as site admin after a great 13 months. Thank you Sillypenta for maintaining Bricks in Motion and being a great administrator!

*round of applause for Penta*

And thank you to Smeagol for trusting me with the site. mini/wink

So, as the new site administrator, I'm here to help you have the best Bricks in Motion experience possible. If you need anything, Private Message me or (for a most likely faster response), find me on the BiM Discord chat (link on the homepage). And of course, you can always contact Bricks in Motion's great staff of admins and moderators here or with the handy "Report" button on each post.

I'm looking forward to the future of the site!



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The results for the fifteenth Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest have been released! The top 3 are:

1. The Exquisite Corpse by RealBrick, Chris W., and Lucas

2. Corn Season by The Tenacious Brick

3. Alain 2 by 4clem4

For the full top 10, visit the results thread! 

Click here for the playlist of entries.

By Penta on February 3, 2018, Comments (0), Share

Bricks in Motion's Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest XV has started!

The theme is "An Unlikely Alliance".

The color mod element is a a green piece connected to or directly touching a white piece.

The letter mod element is the letter T.

For the full contest details, visit the forum thread!

By Penta on January 6, 2018, Comments (0), Share

It has been a while since I last wrote a feature, but I just couldn't let Christmas go by without one. Before we get into the older stuff, I must start out by saying that if you have managed to not see the community project A Brickfilm Christmas by now, then that would be the best thing to go watch. I'll give full disclosure that I tend to gravitate towards the comedy films, so there's nothing overtly religious on this list. Hopefully if there are replies with Christmas brickfilm recommendations, people will mention the more traditional Christmas brickfilms that stand out to them.


The Christmas Tree by CrazyEd (2012)

Though not massively well known, The Christmas Tree is a Christmas classic among brickfilmers who were around for its release. The premise is simple: A man has forgotten to buy a Christmas tree and heads out in a rush to get one. What makes this film so fun is the consistently entertaining animation and the amusing voice acting by Loïc F-B, who always provides a great comedic performance.

To read more and see the rest of the films featured, visit the forum thread!

By Penta on December 24, 2017, Comments (0), Share

Bricks in Motion Poster Art

We are proud to announce that the Bricks in Motion documentary is now available on Amazon Prime and on iTunes! The film is free to watch for Amazon Prime subscribers, and may be rented or purchased otherwise.

I'm excited the documentary now has a chance to be seen by a larger audience, thanks to a partnership with executive producers Andre Gaines and Valerie Edwards of our distributor for the film, Cinemation.

And many thanks to our crowdfunding supporters for this project, without whom none of this would have been possible.

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By Sméagol on December 20, 2017, Comments (0), Share

A new community project brickfilm has been released! A Brickfilm Christmas takes the style of a TV Christmas special, and follows a group of brickfilmers grounded in an airport telling the stories of their favourite Christmas memories, complete with animated commercial breaks. It was coordinated by thistof on Bricks in Motion and features 20 different animators providing contributions, all of which were created for the project.

This is the first community project to be completed by the community of Bricks in Motion since 2012. I personally had been holding out hope to eventually see a more narrative-based community project, and a clever framing device has allowed this film to strike a balance between the narrative-driven and film compilation community project styles. It is also the longest original community project brickfilm to be released. This is truly a special moment in brickfilming, and I congratulate everyone who was involved in making this project a success!

Head to the release thread to watch the film and reply!

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Nathan Wells has announced Bricks in Motion's Twenty-four Hour Animation Contest XV, which will begin on January 6, 2018.

For the full contest details, visit the forum thread!

By Penta on December 8, 2017, Comments (1), Share

We've concluded the judging process for our summer Spirit of Adventure animation contest! Many thanks to all of the entrants, the judges, and our contest sponsors:




The generosity of our sponsors is the only thing that allows us to have great prizes for these contests. I encourage you to give them a look!

Congratulations to our prize winners as well as all animators who completed entries!

1. Quest for Life by Silent Frames

2. Horse Brother by Speak Broccoli

3. Spirit of Adventure by nswihart

Promising Director Prize winner: Makaveli by Kreal

For the full Top Ten results, visit the forum thread!

By Penta on October 19, 2017, Comments (1), Share

That's right; another official LEGO contest announcement already! There is a new brickfilm contest on Rebrick called "A LEGO House Dream", for films depicting what you would expect to see and do in the new LEGO House in Billund, Denmark. Three winners will receive the LEGO set of the LEGO House signed by the designer, and the one Grand Prize winner will also receive a trip for two to Billund, Denmark with tickets to visit the LEGO House. Entries to the contest must be between 15 and 30 seconds, and the deadline is November 3. This is a shorter Rebrick contest than usual so the competition might not be so fierce. If you can whip up 30 seconds in a month, I think it sounds worth giving your best shot. Don't forget that the official LEGO Thor: Ragnarok Contest was also announced a few days ago on Brick à Brack!

By Penta on October 1, 2017, Comments (1), Share

I would like to bring attention to a contest that is being run by our French friends at Brick à Brack on behalf of The LEGO Group. LEGO requested that they host the Thor: Ragnarok Contest to tie in with the upcoming Marvel film and related LEGO sets. The contest is for short brickfilms starring Thor, and the deadline is October 29. The contest is open to worldwide entries and the announcement and rules are in English, so make sure to check it out!

With that in mind, I decided this edition of The Brickfilm Feature should have a French theme. While France has given us some of the greatest brickfilms ever made, there is another area that has piqued my interest and has been on the cards for a feature. I have noticed a bit of a trend among French (and French Canadian) brickfilmers to create short and quirky films based on a single novel concept or experimental animation technique. Due to these films usually being rather strange, I affectionately refer to them as "French insanity films". Fittingly, this type of film is often made for Brick à Brack's popular animation challenge, which seems to attract more filmic entries than the animation challenge on BiM. I love these films as there is a great sense of fun to be found in them. They also seem like a good way to release films more frequently, rather than just leave the ideas as tests. I have chosen 10 films by 5 directors, which may look like a lot but actually comes out to about 9 minutes total viewing time. There is no language barrier.


EARWAX by Loïc F-B (2013)


Hand'Shoes by Loïc F-B (2013)


Choo choo! by Loïc F-B (2011)

This is the French Canadian portion of the feature. Loïc F-B has been around on both BàB and BiM for a long time, and though he hasn't released a film in a couple of years, he remains active as an admin of Brick à Brack and is participating in hosting the Thor: Ragnarok Contest. One problem with this feature is that it's often the case with with these types of films that the less is said, the better. I will say that EARWAX is well voiced by Loïc and Squid, Hand'Shoes features an excellent interpretation of the animation challenge theme "Walking on Hands", and Choo choo!... Well, you just need to watch Choo choo!.

To see the rest of the films featured, visit the forum thread!

By Penta on September 29, 2017, Comments (1), Share