Myth of the Cave [S&S]

Directed By: Viktor Toth

Genre: History, Mystery, Drama
Length: 0:7:5
Released: September 1st, 2016

Director's Comments

A reimagination of Plato's allegory of the cave wich largely focuses on Socrates' influence.
Plato uses the example of a men chained in a cave going out from the cave for the first time in his life as a mean to explain his concept of reaching the knowledge. Plato wrote his allegory in the form of a dialogue featuring Socrates, hence I reimagined Socrates telling the Allegory to a young Plato, and included a parallelism between the prisoner going back to the cave and getting killed and Socrates' death.
On the sound FX side, I worked with Creative Commons sound effects, modifying the in-cave sounds through Cubase so they would have an echoing sound. I didn't particularly do much with external sound FX though. I composed the music for the film myself.

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