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The Monster Beneath (THACXIV)


an entry to THAC XIV...

A man suddenly becomes a monster, one that was trapped inside him for ages. How will he transition into this new life as the monster becomes known?

Music from Bensound
Sound Effects mostly from Berlin Atmosphere

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Re: [THAC XIV] The Monster Beneath

l really liked the face animations! I'm glad there are enough multi expression heads that people are able to that nowadays.

Good story, and pretty good animation.  Sound design is one of the best this THAC.

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Re: [THAC XIV] The Monster Beneath

You did a nice job of getting his feelings across through the animation. Nice work!

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Re: [THAC XIV] The Monster Beneath

Very nice interpretation of the theme and dual meaning behind the monster. I had to look up that poem after, it's a good one.