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Has anyone else been having problems with Ikitmovie?

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What types of problems? And what version are you running?

I haven't used iKitMovie for several months, but might be able to help (you could also try contacting their customer service; they are great).

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I'm running windows 10.
The biggest problem is sometimes when I upload I film, the sound will get louder and louder near the end.  This
completely ruined by biggest project with 1800 frames. Another less common upload glitch has the film muted.
In program glitches include the video playing in a lower fps. Lets say if i'm filming in 15 FPS I would need to set it
to about 23 FPS in order to see it at the desired speed. If its exported at 15 FPS It won't play at 8 thankfully.
sometimes it won't add overlay or rig removal when you apply it, even though it shows the gears.
And, speaking in overlay, it won't erase a picture or video once it's been added to the library.
That may be about it.

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Sorry for the late reply.

I've never encountered that particular audio glitch, but iKitMovie would often de-sync it with the video in the export. You might want to consider exporting to mp4 without adding any sound, then doing your audio editing in something like Hitfilm 4 (you could also do masking and overlays in that software).

I did have problems with the rig removal in the past. If I recall correctly, one way to avoid that is to not change the brush size.

I'm not sure how to fix the overlay problem other than undoing it and trying again.

Hope this helps, though your best bet is probably still to contact their customer service.

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I noticed the same thing with the brush size.
Is Hitfilm 4 free?

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The express version yes. I've been thinking about trying it out myself since I don't currently have an editing software.

Well from what I looked at hitfilm seems to be a solid choice. I'm going to have to spend some time learning the basics.

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Re: Problems with Ikitmovie

I may have to try it.

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HitFilm is a decent program from what I've seen, though you can do the kind of audio editing you seem to be looking for in most decent editing programs.

I can't really vouch much for how it is today, but back when I tried using iKit a few years ago I definitely experienced a large amount of problems, from things not exporting properly or the program just flat out crashing. So it doesn't surprise me much to see this here. Don't know what your budget is, but I'd consider look at some other software solutions if the problems persist, and if they haven't patched things out after all these years.
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Re: Problems with Ikitmovie

Did Disney really recommend Ikitmovie?

I don't know if that was fake or not, but I couldn't find it outside of their site.

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Re: Problems with Ikitmovie

I contacted them. I am now awaiting a reply. Let's hope they can fix these bugs soon.

Woops! Double post.