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Hey guys so I'm still new to Dragonframe and testing new features. I've been using my Nikon D3300 and felt like the images were not as crisp when I would view the actual pictures in the folder. When looking at them they were a little blurry as well as pixelated, this was also in the HQ folder as well. However I went into video assist and set my settings to Nikon single shot. After using this setting my pictures are super clear and crisp, only one problem no live view. When in this setting are you stuck with no more live view, or is there a way around this?

Re: Dragonframe video assist mode

Not sure what 'Nikon single shot' is as I use a Canon, but if you are view a still and want to go back to the live view you should be able to press 3 on the numpad to go back to live view. Make sure that the video sourse is not set to (Stills) on your camera

The video source is what your preview is created from, and the Capture Source is what your final video will be created with, your animation preview will look a bit worse then your actual final animation because it's using the video part of your camera, not the photo part of the camera, so it is lower res and might even be darker, which is why you have to check your image settings in the cinematography view before you start animating.

Re: Dragonframe video assist mode

Were you looking at the live view folder? Because Like Sloth said those are lower quality and just for viewing in Dragon Frame so it doesn't freeze up .

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