Topic: Super wide angle vintage lens?

Brickfilming with a 8 or 10mm lens might be kinda tedious, but I'm kinda asking for photography purposes. Does anyone know of any good vintage (ie, not 200 - 600 dollars!) lenses that are wide angled? I'm not particular sure which angle I'm looking for, I just know I want something narrower than my current 18mm kit.


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Re: Super wide angle vintage lens?

I know it's probably not the same as a dedicated wide angle lens, but if you're on a super tight budget one option might be wide angle lens adapters that screw onto the filter threads on the front of your existing lens. You can usually find them for under $10 on most online retailer and auction sites.

Re: Super wide angle vintage lens?

my widest vintage lens was very expensive, it cost around $400 and was only 18mm f/4, the most affordable wide angle for an aps-c Canon is Canon's EF-S 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6  IS STM lens I actually have it and just used it a lot on vacation, also if you did want to use it for Brickfilming it focus as close as 8.66" from the subject which is very close for a lens this wide.

For an ultra-wide lens $280 is about as affordable as it gets, if that's to much you might be better off with an adapter like thistof recommended.

Here is an image taken with it at minimum focal distance