Topic: Day of Vengeance - casting call OPEN

Finally, I'm starting the casting call for my so far most demanding project!
I've already cast some of the roles, which you can look up to in the production log but there are still several roles that require us-mothertongues or specific accents.
Some of the following roles have language. I specify to each how much of it.
Although there is language, I'd like to point out that there is no religiously offensive one.

The Vengeful

N. of lines: 28

language: 5

special requirements: I always pictured him being southern US, but any not-strictly northen US accent is acceptable.

test line: That ain't no justice. That'd be Vengeance.

The Native

N. of lines: 28

Language: 1, mild (B*****d)

special requirements: english isn't the native's mothertongue, although he speaks it very well. The accent should sound slightly foreign, but not at all hispanic.

test line: A Mormon? /chuckles/ But you seek revenge! Mormons don't seek no revenge!

Jack the slaver

N. of lines: 23 (although appears starting from part II)

Language: 4

special requirements: Southern accent. Jack is an ex-confederate officer, so I picture him always shouting as he's saying orders, or a leading attitude.

test line: Damn it, Sancho! He might talk, and someone smarter can figure all of it out.

Mormon's father

N. of lines: 2

Language: none.

No special requirements.

test line: We're humble lambs on our way to join God's herd.


N. of lines: 3

possibly southern us accent.

test line: Sir, we saw a patrol squad of soldiers going towards the Cemetery.

Confederate 2

N. of lines: 1

same requirements as Confederate.

test line: Who's there?

Nordist general

N. of lines: 1

test line: Battle positions!

That's all. PM me if you're interested in any role.