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Spirit of the West


You never know what's going to happen in the Wild West!

Alternate description: I should stick to making Captain D. Rom movies.

Made for the "Spirit of Adventure" contest (in 4 hours, heh).

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Nice animation. I really liked the background. mini/smile

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As promised...

Spoiler (highlight to read)To me, this is about perfectionism and it's debilitating effects on us as artists. The horse rider represents our idealized self-actualized person: the creation we aspire to. The pianist is our artist selves, trying to create this reality from behind our tools, whether it be a piano, paint brush, or webcam and Legos. The rider ultimately fails (or at least the artist sees the rider as having failed) because the artist has limitations. So the idealized self sees the artist self as an impotent figure, and goes back and slays the artist in the way that Oedipus slayed his own father. Or is it in the same way that Daedalus killed his own son? Our failed self-actualizations come back to destroy our own artist selves. It's a vicious tragedy, and while we should be aware of the irony and be more forgiving of ourselves, we don't see it coming any more than a day-glo scorpion should warn us of the deadly pitfall of self effacement.

I don't know, maybe that assessment is less translucent than the film itself?

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