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Star Wars: Knightrise


Jedi learner Ar-Ren Tern struggles with his spirituality as he finds himself in the middle of historic Star Wars events. With the help of others, he wrestles with God and battles new evils, forever changing the destiny of that galaxy far, far away.

Having completed the screenplay many years ago, I began production of Knightrise in 2011 and finished in March 2017. You can definitely see where I improved over the course of filming (note that I didn't film the entire movie linearly) and where I have yet to do so. It's not up to par with what I would expect of myself today, but given its six-year timeframe, I'm proud of how it turned out.

Comments and criticism are welcome! And if you watch the entire thing in one go, that deserves a round of applause.

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Great job I love the idea of having a Christian based Star Wars film I think the story alone separates this film from other Star Wars films


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So far, I've only watched up to the thirty-minute line. I've really enjoyed it. The story is great! It fits right into the Star Wars saga perfectly. I also think the animation deserves a four out of five. But, I didn't really like how the God and the Force were mixed together. That doesn't really work. Still, if you take out the force than it has a great Christian message. So I think (so far anyway) that I'll give this movie four stars out of five. mini/lol mini/smile mini/sunnies
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