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I have been looking around for the past couple months for a good stop motion software for Mac, and settled on Heron Animation about two months ago.  It will not work for me anymore because of crashes and features I would like.  The only two options I see right now are Stop Motion Studio ( ) and iStopmotion ( ).  Both look like good softwares, but I am wondering if any of you know anything or have used either of these softwares.  iStopmotion strangely has only 3 reviews on the apple store and I can't find like any tutorials online about it.  Is iStopmotion an old software or what?

I would really like a software with rig removal, but unfortunately neither of these have it and I can't find a mac software that does.


Re: Need Mac software

There is also I can Animate 2, Kool Capture and HUE Animation that are reasonably priced (or free for Kool Capture).

I haven't tried any of those, just giving more option to chose from, I hope this helps too.

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Ok.  I can animate 2 looks like the best out of those three.  It seems to have a ton of features and looks pretty good, but I still would like to know if any brickfilmers use that software or could tell me more about it.  Thanks for the help Aiwha.

Re: Need Mac software

I just checked out i stopmotion a little more and it looks like it is very unreliable and crashes every few frames.  I also downloaded the trial for I can Animate 2 because it has rig removal in software, but I can't seem to figure the software out.  Rig removal is especially hard to use.  Does anyone use I can animte 2 or knows how to use it?

Also Smoovie 2 looks like a pretty good option, but still doesn't have rig removal.  Rig removal isn't crucial to me, as I can do it pretty quickly in gimp, but I just want to know what all the Mac brickfilmers are using.  I would really appreciate as much help as I can get, as I cannot film until I find a new software.