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A Boring Law


A man courageously defies a local ordinance to make a point

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Re: [THAC XV] A Boring Law

Loved it! everything is just awesome! Im really impressed with how many sets you in this for this, given the time period. The animation is also top notch.

Keep up the good work

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Re: [THAC XV] A Boring Law

One of my favorite entries, it's always nice to see a rhyming brickfilm.  Using the mod element for the theme was clever. 

Spoiler (highlight to read)However, I suppose that wannabe serial killers shouldn't take the message to heart.

  It's fine for the rest of us, though.

Re: [THAC XV] A Boring Law

It was fantastic love the brick built tarp unveiling and the animation was superb I just couldn't find the alliance in it but other than that you will probably be one of the winners for sure I guarantee it!!!!!


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