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Lego Tetris Gameboy

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Ok i think i don't have to say much about this clip because everybody knows Tetris . . . as always i tried to work as accurate as possible.

What makes me really happy by the way - my YT-channel has actually 200 - 300 hits each day!

All the stuff up there are Lego Gameplays from classic computer games.

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I like the different looks to the pieces. To give it variation, even if it’s limited by the sepia tone.

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Very well built and animated!

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You never cease to make high quality recreations, and this is no different. Great job.

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Thanks @all for the positive feedback mini/smile

The next stuff i'm planning to do will be a little different: old arcade Games like Tron Light Cycles or Space Invaders - with parts from Lego Classic Space. So this will be a kind of parody then . . . mini/sunnies