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Here is a clip where I tell and show you a little bit about my new film coming out in the next month or so. It is going to be called The Adventures of Banana Guy. The film is going to be about Banana Guy who, one day, finds a magical banana that can transport him to different realms. When it gets stolen from him in an alien space station, it is up to him to get the banana back, so the aliens don't destroy the other realms. You will notice that I don't show my camera, well I actually use a Samsung Galaxy 5 as my camera for Stopmotion and live video. It has a HD camera so it works well for whatever I need it for. Unfortunately, it  can't work with dragon frame, so I am going to have to save up for a camera as well as dragon frame. I hope you all enjoy the behind the scenes video about my new film. Remember, it will be coming out in the next month or so.

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Neat stuff. I was a bit worried about the camera quality: shakiness, or changes in white color/exposure settings between frames. It seems like you have that figured out though (I remember your THAC entry, which didn't have any of those issues). Was hoping to see some actual previews of the film though! A couple of finished shots would definitely have gotten the hype up even more. mini/wink

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HI bert, I posted a video trailer on my channel, check it out