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We’re very excited to announce the seventh annual Brickworld Film Festival! The event theme for Brickworld Chicago 2018 is Seasons, and with the continued open invitation to directors around the globe, we’re looking forward to seeing the best entries yet! This year’s prize pack is just as awesome as last year’s, but this time we’re spreading the love. Directors will be eligible to win through 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes! This year we are proudly sponsored by and can’t wait to get these awesome phonetic heads out to brickfilmers!

All eligible films will screen continuously in the Brickfilm Theater for the duration of Brickworld Chicago. The attendees of Brickworld Chicago will vote on the films to decide the winners.

Official Rules

•    Anyone can enter a film in the festival, but you must be a Full Registrant of Brickworld Chicago to be eligible for the “Best Film” Trophy.
•    Your film does not need to incorporate the theme “Seasons,” but it would be cool if it did
•    Your film must be longer than 30 seconds and shorter than 5 minutes in length.
•    Your film must be uploaded to YouTube.
•    Your film should use LEGO elements to tell a story. It can be animated or live action, or a combination of the two.
•    Your film must not have been submitted to any previous Brickworld Film Festival.
•    By entering your film for consideration, you attest that you hold all rights to exhibit the given work. This includes (but is not limited to) visuals, music, and characters. Unlicensed use of copyrighted material is not allowed.
•    Limit one (1) entry per director.
•    Films should be enjoyable by all ages. Film content such as (but not limited to) curse words/swearing, excessive violence, sexual content, and drug use will be grounds for disqualification.

•    To submit, e-mail by June 11th, 2018 with the following information:
    •    A link to your film on YouTube
    •    A completed entry form

•    There will be two winners of the festival:
    •    Best of Brickworld Chicago – a Brickworld “Best Film” trophy will be awarded to the film submitted by a Brickworld Chicago Full Registrant that receives the most votes from the audience at Brickworld Chicago.
    •    Best of Brickworld International – a Brickworld “Best International Film” will be awarded to the film that receives the most votes from the audience at Brickworld Chicago, in addition to the 1st place prize pack Prize Pack (approximate retail value $125 USD)
•    Runner-ups – The films that receive the 2nd and 3rd most votes will receive the 2nd place Prize pack ($75 value) and 3rd place Prize Pack ($50 value), respectively.
•    By submitting your film, the Brickworld Film Festival is granted the right to use and/or publish clips or the full videos, screenshots, director and crew names, and any other material related to an entry in the event program, the Brickworld Film Festival screening, the Brickworld website, re-screenings at future Brickworld events, and for any and all promotional purposes.

Prize Pack Details

•    Winter Pack (1st): ($125 value)
    •    Ice Tank 70616
    • Phonetic Custom Printed Heads for Animation
    •    Lego Santa 40206
•    Fall Pack (2nd): ($75 value)
    •    Pickup & Caravan 60182
    • Phonetic Custom Printed Heads for Animation
    •    Lego Halloween Vampire and Bat Set 40203
•    Summer Pack (3rd): ($50 value)
    • Phonetic Custom Printed Heads for Animation
    •    Mighty Dino 31058

If you have any questions, please e-mail We look forward to seeing your films!

Re: 2018 Brickworld Film Festival - Enter by June 11

Hi everyone!

My name's Casey and I'm the other Cinema Co-coordinator for Brickworld Chicago and long-time contestant in the film festival. We're so excited to see all the entries this year and can't wait to see your best films yet!

Casey M.

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Re: 2018 Brickworld Film Festival - Enter by June 11

I entered! mini/bigsmile

Good luck to everyone in the festival contest! It's so cool to have a movie played at a location on eyes that may not have stumbled upon it on YouTube. Thanks for doing this! mini/smile

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Re: 2018 Brickworld Film Festival - Enter by June 11

I wish I could enter but my best film is ten minutes long Oh well maybe next year


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