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Survivor #1


Ep1 is now out!!!! Comments?

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Re: Survivor #1

Sorry man... not good. I understand your passion for animation and you desire but it's too chopy... You need to make more pictures per every move

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A good start. Even without a super high framerate it is possible to tell a story. Comic books do this all the time. Think about how to tell an action with a single pose. What one pose can clearly portray what is happening in the moment? That is your KEY POSE (actual animation term for this concept) and all your other animation should be built around featuring that pose. Look at some of your favorite comics with this in mind.

I recommend storyboarding to help discover the key pose. Even if you don't draw, try taking photos, lots of them, in order to find the really strong poses. Then pick the best ones and put them in order on a page, even print them out, cut them up and tack them onto a corkboard. It sounds old fashioned and low tech, but getting them physically in your hands has a really different feel than working in the computer, and you can quickly rearrange them to try different sequences. Then, when you are happy with your comic book style layout, return to the camera and animate, being sure to feature the key poses you've decided on. Keep at it, we'll be looking forward to seeing what you come up with next!

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This is good! I really liked the “falling” animation at the beginning, as well as the zooming effect later on. Keep up the good work!