Topic: BRAWL 2018 Casting Call!

Hi all,

I need two male voice actors for my BRAWL entry. They are for these characters:

Supreme Leader: His name says it all. mini/tongue He is fairly old, so shows a slight hint of old age in his voice.

Test line: Do you accept my gracious offer?

Juno: Essentially a futuristic gladiator who is in his late twenties, has a gruff and fairly deep voice.

Test line: I do not believe it to be right.

As I'm sure you are all aware I do only have a week to make this, so it would be great if people could get back to me ASAP!

Good luck to all the other contestants! mini/bigsmile

EDIT: Please send me your auditions to If you have any questions, then feel free to ask here!

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Re: BRAWL 2018 Casting Call!

Test lines emailed!

Re: BRAWL 2018 Casting Call!

Both roles have now been taken! Thanks to everyone who auditioned! mini/bigsmile