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Holding Our Own Episode 4a: "TV or Not TV"

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Melissa is upset when she learns that her father thinks she watches too much television.

The release date, August 8th, is Missy's birthday, and in this segment, Melissa learns a bit about when Melissa was born.

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Well done, keep it up

May The Force Be With You!

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Awesome! The lullaby was great and the cartoonish jumps always bring a smile to my face. I can't wait to see what else we're in store for in this episode!

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Animation was great, story was great, 10/10

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It's back! Love these brickfilms!

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And Funmi's back! I haven't seen you here too much recently!  Good to see you.

Thanks for the comments. The lullaby is a song from Karl Bartos' band "Elektrik Musik",called "TV", released around the time Missy was born.  It's from my CD collection, but it took a while to track it down on YouTube to share in case you wish to hear it.  Required a large, strange combo of keywords.

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Having watched HOO episodes 1 through 4 in one day, the main thing that sticks out to me is just how much the stopmotion improves over the series. It was good to begin with, but now it's fantastic - smooth, consistent, and very engaging. The story was hilarious and it feels so much like a sit com! HOO has definitely become a favorite. Good work!

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I enjoy the comments.  I'd like to know what others thought.  One thing I expected to see is someone commenting on the changes in the house and hairstyles.  The story's going to become more complicated in segment two.

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Great job love the story


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A nice start to Episode 4. I look forward to seeing what direction you go with the rest of the story. The animation, has once again improved from Episode 3, as it always does with each episode. One thing that I noticed was that sometimes, the camera would go in and out of focus. Do you use a webcam? And if you do, is the focus set to auto? If it is, then you should untick the box and set it manually. I know you had some technical difficulties with the latter half of the episode, due to the camera keeping the focus on the background, so I don't know how easy it is for you to adjust the focus manually. If you continue to have issues, I recommend buying a new camera. The C920 webcam is a reliable camera, and although I have had some problems with that in the past, it was nothing I wasn't able to undo.

The story was pretty funny.

Spoiler (highlight to read)Brent is left in an awkward position, trying to make a point to Melissa that it's wrong to spend so much time watching TV, when she's actually just inherited that from him. That's the funny thing about his relationship with his daughter. As much as he might argue with her, they're really not that different. It's a big part of what makes their onscreen appearances humorous.
Also, the story line in this episode benefits from being set in 2009. Although the internet was a popular form of entertainment by that point more people still watched TV more often than being on their phones. If this was set now, this probably wouldn't work quite as well, as teenagers spend more time on their phones than watching TV these days.

Look forward to more mini/wink

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Since watching the first installment, it has always impressed how much thought and time seem to go into the script. People can tell when a creator puts a lot of time and love into a project, and this really shows through in Holding Our Own. However, I find the show to be too political for my taste. As much as I like there to be a message in the stuff I watch, I don't think that every line has to promote some sort of viewpoint. In my opinion, its better to be subtle. On the other hand, I understand that the purpose of this show is to address topical issues, so perhaps my critique is out of place. mini/tongue
With that being said, I was very impressed, and am looking forward to the next part of the episode! mini/smile

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Thanks everyone for all the comments so far.  For Chris and William, thanks for your comments on the progress I've made technically... but!  Don't worry.  There is still time to disappoint you in episode 4!  I want to forewarn that I had all kinds of issues with the settings and there are plenty of focusing issues in the second half.  Please forgive this and note that I figured out what to do for ep 5, which I may start shooting soon.  My camera can be set to a fixed/manual focus, but when I do this, it gives me lighting issues!  I can seem to adjust focus or shutter speed but not both.  Be assured that I know now how to achieve at least the quality of the first half of HOO 4 and intend to do so.  I've never used a webcam, but I did buy the c920 and may try using it in episode 5 anyway.  Either way, I hope to constant improve the quality of the work.

William, you mentioned something in the spoiler toothat I can't mention until the rest of the episode is posted, lest I spoil content that hasn't come up yet, but I'll explain when the time comes.

Shawarma: nothing is out of line with your criticism.  Remember, though, that these are fictional characters, each with their own personality.  Since the primary cast are all diverse and very strong in their beliefs, there will be things that the characters say that you disagree with, and that I disagree with.  Also, remember that characters in HOO, from all points of view, aren't very rational at times.  The show is meant never to tell anyone what to believe, but to encourage viewers, if they wish, to take a different look at things after enjoying the show.  Who knows: maybe Johnny and Brent will form a truce sometime soon.

What did you viewers think about the "hair" and "furniture"?... I speak obliquely so as to not spoil anything, but you know what I mean if you watched it.

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I had been missing this show for a while and this was well worth the wait. The animation is a big step-up as well mini/sunnies
My favorite line so far: "First they get rid of Transformers forever, then everyone thinks Nirvana is great, now this?!" mini/lol

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Brent is a fan of robots, by the way.  Angela explains to Johnny Strange ans Melissa the reason why in a future episode.

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Tomorrow is Missy's birthday.  Holding Our Own Episode 4b will be posted tomorrow, God-willing.

If you haven't seen HOO 4a in a long time, or never at all, why not view it again and get up to speed?  The plot thickens in the next segment.

Comments are always welcome.