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My laptop is so slow that it can't even render my simple stuff well. With that being the case, I doubt it'll be worth trying to "sheep" it, as it probably can't handle anybody else's renders either.
Good idea though!

I'm trying to render the thing, but it seems each time I try it, it gets even slower. While at work today (8:00am-5:00pm) it rendered a whopping ten frames. I'm letting it go, then stopping it when I need to do other stuff on it, then setting the "start frame" at whatever it finished at last time. I've gotten nearly 60 frames that way, but there's still a long way to go. Not sure what I did to make it so slow, but whatever it is, it's getting on my nerves!

Probably just a very simple setting...

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Sheep it lets you use other peoples PC’s gpu’s. Much more power!

If you send me screenshots of your render settings, and a few shots of the scene itself I might be able to help.

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I have my own render farm collecting dust at the moment.  If you need to do an NDA with me, I can render it for you.

Sheepit is a good free collective of people around the world who understand the processing demand Blender has so they all likely share their beast (not a typo) computer's processing power.

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Ok, so I'm checking out Sheepit right now. Just started, so I haven't rendered enough to be able to submit my own project just yet.

Lech, I'm not sure what NDA stands for in this context (National Dental Association? mini/eh) but I do really appreciate the offer to render it! I'm not happy with the lighting just now, but once I get that fine-tuned, I may get back to you. 

Here's another frame testing the look of the stars. I reduced the size, but the random placement just doesn't seem, shall we say, natural. This angle doesn't show it, but I'm not liking the way the light grey blows out really easily. Hoping to get that fixed soon.
NX-01 CG Star Test 2 by SteampunkDoc, on Flickr

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NDA = Non-Disclosure Agreement.

By signing a NDA your legally bound to not reveal any information within the bounds of the agreement.

It’s often used for video game alpha’s, where the game is not yet complete and the developers don’t want you to reveal its secrets. Technically I am bound by 2 NDA’s right now. I cannot even say which video games they are for, or even if they are video games.

Again if you want help rendering, or for me to fiddle with the settings for you just let me know.

@lech, if you want to boot up sheep it on your farm and generate points now, that can help me by donating the points gained to me when I have a project ready to be rendered.

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Basically, I won't share what you're making with anyone other than with you.  If you need me to sign an NDA, we can do that.

Director: It's been a while since I've booted up the farm.  Been meaning to upgrade the GPU and add more battery backups.  Might start warming it up for the winter.  On my shopping list

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Ah! Got it. Thanks!

So, like I said, I fired up Sheepit last night, rendered my requisite ten frames, then left it running all night after submitting my project. The end result was the render taking two hours and my raking up a surplus of nearly 7,500 points. To say I'm impressed and happy is an understatement.

Here's the render.

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Yep! Sheep it is the best. Just remember to keep your points in the green or else you will be bumped to the bottom of the queue. (I am negative 300,000 points myself lol)

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Oh, and please for the love of... bricks... make sure your rendering in full 1920 x 1080.