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While wandering the great mesas, a hiker encounters a stranger. But is the stranger really what she appears to be?

This was my entry for THAC XIII, its not perfect. The sound design was a bit improvised and probably the result of time mismanagment. The animation also came out a bit rocky, but I am happy with the visual style I was able to achieve. Overall, I'm proud of this little film.

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The cinematography is beautiful

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I loved the colours in this and the minimalistic sets. I was confused at what time and place it was set at first as there were no establishing shots of the character's surroundings but this was a very minor thing. Overall, really good!

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Originally, I did intend for the first establishing shot to clearly show desert mesas. But the footage looked so different from the rest of the film that I ended up scrapping it. Thanks for the feedback. Shots establishing setting seem to be something I need to work on.

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The visuals were really nice here. The sets were simple, but they were all they needed to be so they were perfect.  My biggest gripe would be the lack of surroundings establishment, but I wasn't really at much of a loss since the description does explain.

Spoiler (highlight to read)The missing person poster had an image of the stranger, right?

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Mighty Wanderer wrote:
Spoiler (highlight to read)The missing person poster had an image of the stranger, right?
Spoiler (highlight to read)Yeah, I may have made the angle of the poster too narrow to really tell.

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I really liked this one to be honest. I thought it had an interesting concept. Lighting, sets, and cinematography were all really well done. It's unfortunate you had to scrap the desert mesa footage, as what could be seen of it out of focus in the film looked awesome.

Spoiler (highlight to read)The only thing I didn't get was why the guy was walking around with no shirt on at night in the desert. Kinda chilly no? mini/tongue

Another fine entry. Good luck in the contest!

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That lighting was really really something.  Delightful job with that.

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Fantastic. The visuals were just beautiful. The story was extremely well done. The music was a great touch. One of my favorite entries, for sure.

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I'm a fan of films about people wandering around the desert (eg. Paris, Texas and Entertainment ) and so I really dug this. I disagree with the need of an establishing shot; I think the coloring of the world you've created gave enough visual clues to figure out where it was all taking place, and it'd be hard not to understand approximately when it was taking place given that the main character wears a cap. Pretty sure they didn't have those back in the 19th century.

The ambient soundscape was great and so was the imagery. It felt perhaps a bit short, like the ending lacked a real punch. Not sure how I'd have fixed that, nor if I should complain about it given that it was made in 24 hours. Great entry either way, one of my favorites.

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HeliumBrick wrote:

(Partly due to all the reccomended Spanish ghost videos on the side mini/lol )

Part of the reason I chose the title I did was because of how few people knew the meaning of the word. Many people didn't know it wasn't English. I may have banked a little on people not knowing what the word meant, so the recommended videos betrayed me slightly.

Thank you guys for the feedback, and for the generally positive response to the film.