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LEGO Wearing A Pale Orange Cloak


A mysterious man comes telling of an evil monster that will take them all...

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Good film!
It has certainly been inspired by the whimsical nature of Squid's films, but does a good job of standing on it's own.
I really liked the guy's slow decent form the stairs, as it built anticipation and tension. The twist near the end was, although a bit predicable, executed well, and I loved the animation on Also, fantastic character designs.

The animation as a whole is generally smooth, but sometimes lacked a bit of energy and enthusiasm. A bit more speed, when the characters are more excited, would quickly solve that. The sets and lighting were well done, and the lighting at 1:07 and the ending sequence were the cream of the crop. They gave each of those scenes a unique and dramatic atmosphere, and added a wonderful air of mystery.

It's a nice little short. Good job!

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Thanks! This film was inspired by Squid's film so that would make sense.

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Yep, That's going in my top ten list.

New and Improved!

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Also to avoid confusion with Squid from ANP, I also go by The Dark Lord.