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This presentation is my first attempt at both a short film, and a Lego Film. Please enjoy. Feedback welcomed.

Re: Creation

first of all u used my favorite font so go u
the opening shot is so aesthetically pleasing tbh i love the way its filmed, how did you do the spacecraft? my only concern is that it looks rather large in comparison with the size of the earth.
the special effects are a bit flat looking which some ppl might have a problem with but i actually found that quirky. stylistically it reminds me a lot of 2001 a space odyssey, i guess, with a different waltz. im actually going to a 70mm screening of that tonight
the ending use of real video footage was an interesting effect, but i think the juxtaposition is too stark unless the animation is at a higher frame rate.
honestly, though, you got the story down well and the set design was lovely