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Lego Pygmalion

I made this Brickfilm about Ovids: "Pygmalion" for school. Pygmalion is a lonely artis so he builds a statue in form of a human being. He falls in love with his creation and in the end the statue comes to life.

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Nice job on this! The movement of the character is really smooth.

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Yes!  This was a beautiful rendition of the ideas of the original novel.  All the animation was completely smooth, even walking on tile elements!  I like how the speed of motion was slightly faster than reall life, giving the entire film a slightly surreal feel, while remaining grounded by an emotional piano score.  A nice added touch was the man dressed as Batman int he movie theatre.

I like brickfilms without dialogue, and this is very powerful use of the medium.

Incidentally, I was inspired by Pygmalion and recorded a song of the same title.  Only the demo is online now, but you may listen here if you wish.  It's Kraftwerk inspired, particularly "Hall Of Mirrors"

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Thank you both for the feedback! Yes, it was one of my goals here to animate in a smooth style. The slightly faster movement was not intended but you are right. It gives a bit of a surreal feel mini/smile
I've also listened to your song. Great lyrics with a deep meaning.