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What Am I Doing

What Am I Doing - A LEGO Film

A quiet look inside an unquiet universe.

“What Am I Doing” is a deeply personal film about crippling apathy and understanding my own worth to the world, visually realized as the story of a little plastic man floating adrift in his spaceship through a vast, overwhelming cosmos. It is based on a journal entry I wrote in May 2015, and as such, is a depiction of some of the real-life mental and emotional struggles I was facing at the time. It was mostly filmed and edited throughout the following summer and fall, and then off and on in the year after that, until it finally premiered at a film festival at BYU in October 2016. Several tweaks later, and I finally feel like it is ready to be shown to the world. Blood, sweat, and tears were poured into this film over the course of two long years (in some cases, quite literally), but its long journey is finally over. Please enjoy! Hopefully I’ve been able to make a film worthy of everything it took to get here.

The film is also dedicated to my father, who passed away over a year ago, during the making of this film.

~Taylor Davis

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no words.

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This is a wonderful piece of art , well done! mini/yes

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