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The story began when humans learnt how to control fire. The first of them arrived then. In the beginning, humans treated them as gods but in time for reasons unknown they disappeared, or so we thought. We knew they had lived among us for thousands of years but how could we ever be prepared for what was about to happen.

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I already praised this film in the comments section, but I want this to get as much attention as possible! mini/bigsmile
Brickfilms with this level of VFX quality are a rare thing, since most people (including myself mini/shifty ) would rather get some stock footage and throw it into the composition wherever they feel like it.

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Amazing VFX and animation. This is a really amazing brickfilm. mini/smile

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The cinematography in this is excellent. The mouth animation and all of the special effects look great too. Nice work!

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If it were not for the Frame100 podcast, I would have missed this one, and I am glad I did not. This is one of the best looking brickfilms I have seen for quite some time. There are many CG effects, but they are done very effectively, and I just love how every object, including smoke, fire and bubbles were brick based. In short, a stylish, well animated and overall very well put together film, that is a classic homage to the apocalyptic Sci-fi genre. It also has a killer of a post credit scene!

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I already saw this movie. It was very interesting to me too.

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