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Unbridled Mischief

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A sneaky snake-oil salesman swindles away a hapless traveler's trusty horse!
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Re: Unbridled Mischief

This is brilliant. I LOVE the animation in this, especially that mini horse. The comedy was spot on, and so were the voices (except that one Sheriff guy who sounded weird mini/wink ). I look forward to what you make next!

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Re: Unbridled Mischief

That mini horse is incredible. You've also convinced me I need to get my hands on some frosted glass. I can't remember the last time I added a brickfilm to my favorites list so fast; the comedy and animation are both so well paced, fantastic work! mini/bigsmile

Re: Unbridled Mischief

Fantastic. One of the prettiest brickfilms I've seen.
You did a great job keeping the film visually interesting with the abundant camera movement and varied lighting.
Great comedic storytelling as well.


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Re: Unbridled Mischief

Wow...thats such a great film!
Very original and comedic story with great lighting!
This is one of my favorite brickfilms in a while!  Good work!

Re: Unbridled Mischief

As the others have said, this is such a great film. The introduction of the characters is something in particular that really stands out to me. Fantastic job. mini/smile

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Re: Unbridled Mischief

Amazing animation and lighting! mini/smile

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