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Director's Cut - Contest Version

A kerfuffle involving two rival pirates.

Made for THAC XV. I had to quickly edit the video in order to meet the deadline for the contest, which ended up containing a few hiccups and no sound effects. So that's why there are two versions of the film.

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Re: [THAC XV] Plunder

I loved the ending! The whole film is perfectly paced, well done.

Re: [THAC XV] Plunder

Ha ha, that was very nicely executed! mini/bigsmile

I watched the contest version first and then the directors cut, the lack of foley really stood out in the contest version. I'm assuming that was due to the time constraints? Well done on the directors version. I liked the rack focus as well.

Spoiler (highlight to read)The only thing I would point out is that there is quite a difference in the framing between the shot with the pirate and treasure chest, and the shot without the pirate and treasure chest. It would have worked better if the framing had been the same. Only a little thing, feel free to ignore me.
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