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Basic Camera Settings for Optimal Quality and Minimal Light Flicker - Always wanted to know what settings to use but weren't quite sure? Have you had problems with light flicker and think it may be your camera settings? Well you have come to the right place. This article runs over some basic settings for eliminating light flicker, and some practical uses for each of the settings.
Bullet Time Effect without Post-Production - Want to create a Bullet Time effect and don't want to spend much time on post-production? Two different methods to achieve that are explained here.
Production - A Basic Rundown - The second stage when Brickfilming is the production stage. The production stage is possibly one of the hardest and most time consuming stages of Brickfilming.
Links and Resources
Advanced Lighting (video) (link) - The step up from Basic Lighting, Harry Bossert (aka Hazzat, aka Zoot101) tells you what you need to make a well-lit set, in every situation.
Basic Lighting (video) (link) - Harry Bossert (aka Hazzat, aka Zoot101) shows a basic lighting setup, and how you can make one too.
Quickcam Pro 9000 cradle (link) - A solid, versatile and easy-to-build cradle for the legendary Quickcam Pro 9000.