The Brickfilm Feature: Christmas Edition!

It has been a while since I last wrote a feature, but I just couldn't let Christmas go by without one. Before we get into the older stuff, I must start out by saying that if you have managed to not see the community project A Brickfilm Christmas by now, then that would be the best thing to go watch. I'll give full disclosure that I tend to gravitate towards the comedy films, so there's nothing overtly religious on this list. Hopefully if there are replies with Christmas brickfilm recommendations, people will mention the more traditional Christmas brickfilms that stand out to them.

The Christmas Tree by CrazyEd (2012)

Though not massively well known, The Christmas Tree is a Christmas classic among brickfilmers who were around for its release. The premise is simple: A man has forgotten to buy a Christmas tree and heads out in a rush to get one. What makes this film so fun is the consistently entertaining animation and the amusing voice acting by Loïc F-B, who always provides a great comedic performance.

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By Penta on December 24, 2017
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