Overall: 8
Story: 4
Animation: 8
Cinematography: 8
Sound: 7
Music: 8

A Night at the Pier

Directed By: Chris A Boyer

Genre: Adventure, Action
Length: 0:1:2
Released: August 5th, 2007

Content Advisory:  mild violence.

Director's Comments

What do you get when you mix swashbuckling, film noir, and elements from silent comedy together? Answer: A Night at the Pier

The winning entry for the third 24 Hour Animation Contest, the theme was 'What really happened?' The score was composed by Brian during the contest, parts of it were heavily influenced by 'A Cautionary Song' by The Decemberists.

Staff Review

Philip Heinrich:
This is an enjoyable, fun short.  There are some neat in-camera animation tricks to watch out for, and the large sets and elaborate lighting setups (film noir is an apt description of the visual style) are impressive as well.

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