Weed Cops

Directed By: Nikolas Jaeger

Genre: Comedy, Parody, Action, History
Length: 0:2:33
Released: January 5th, 2009

Content Advisory:  strong language, moderate sexual content.

Director's Comments

In a 1970s police department, the cops' weed supply goes missing... on Walter's very first day at the job!

Staff Review

Zach Macias:
Night Owl does a fantastic job of establishing that classic cheesy, 60's cop show atmosphere early on, and is able to keep that consistent throughout the film. This is definitely not intended for younger audiences, as much of the humor particularly explicit and adult oriented, including strong language, drug content and references, and a tiny pinch o' misogyny. Some of the time, it's funny (particularly the cult scene), other times, it feels a bit forced. Animation is relatively minimal, but what's there is good, and the voice acting is cheesy in a good way. Unfortunately, the film ends right where it seems to begin, but this is mostly forgivable considering this was a Twenty-Four Hour Animation Contest film. Overall, this film definitely has an intended audience, and those who fall into that category will enjoy it, but others might be put off by it.