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Overall: 5
Story: 0
Animation: 0
Cinematography: 0


Directed By: BWJC

Genre: Sci-fi, Action
Length: 0:1:33
Released: September 30th, 2010

Content Advisory:  mild violence.

Director's Comments

An entry to Septemberfest. 
A very experimental film for me, the post-production editing was way bigger than normal, not a single shot was left without any colour change or contrast change.  I am very unhappy with the beginning, and the film overall did not satisfy me, but I managed to pull of a semi decsent chase scene, so that made me happy.  This entire thing was made in ten days, except for one set and the basic concept, and composing the piece, which I did compose.  I learned a few things from this film,
A. I need a better way to do camera pans and dolly shots
B. I need to stop procrastinating, as this is my second film this year thrown together at the end of the contest and barely entered on time.
C. I need a new microphone, as the sound quality of me playing is horrendous.  I may re-record the song and re upload the video when I get a new microphone.  (hopefully the blue snowball for my birthday, in a week!!)

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