Overall: 6
Story: 5
Animation: 8
Cinematography: 7
Sound: 6


Directed By: Zach Lacosse

Genre: Comedy
Length: 0:1:18
Released: November 19th, 2010

Content Advisory:  mild violence.

Director's Comments

A snobby business tycoon is attacked by the local wildlife.

This film won first prize in the Rossland Mountain Film Festival in the animation category.

Special thanks goes to Jargon for voicing.

Staff Review

Randy Yard:
The director's description conjures up images of a gang of raccoons, owls, and the like enacting revenge on their human oppressors, but what we really get is much simpler: a somewhat rushed version of The Creature From the Black Lagoon that tries its darndest to convince us that it's a comedy through over-the-top voice-acting and the most clich├ęd sound effects in history this side of the Wilhelm. Missed opportunities aside, this is still an enjoyable short, thanks in large part to some excellent animation (including one of the most creative emerging-from-water animations seen to date), but it's tough to imagine many people bookmarking this one for repeated viewing.

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