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Overall: 4
Story: 5
Animation: 3
Cinematography: 3
Effects: 3
Sound: 3

(2009) A Star Wars Christmas Carol

Directed By: BWJC

Genre: Parody, Sci-fi, Comedy
Length: 0:3:41
Released: December 25th, 2009

Director's Comments

This is an old film.  The quality of this film is no where near my current quality.
I made this in three days last Christmas and released it on the internet for the first time 5 days after the first time it was shown, which was to family.  I am releasing it here because it s well loved by all of my family and on youtube, sort of.  I am not proud of the technical work, do not be expecting much in that regards.  This was before image capture and complete manual control for me, and in 10 fps, verses my current 15 fps.

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