Cold Comfort

Directed By: Robert Frost

Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Action
Length: 0:9:44
Released: December 24th, 2004

Content Advisory:  mild violence, mild language.

Director's Comments

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Cold Comfort was begun in March of 2004 for the High Adventure Theatre Competition on, and then lost completely when my computer "blew up" in July, meaning it was never entered. With a great story and the brilliant voice acting I decided that the film had to be remade. I hope you enjoy what took me nearly 2 years of work!

Staff Review

Nikolas Jaeger:
Cold Comfort aims for an adventurous style in the vein of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, and certainly gets off to a good start, with an entertaining script and what could be called an all-star cast of early brickfilming greats who, for the most part, perform quite well. The major flaw of the film, however, is that the dramatic potential of the script isn't executed in the cinematography, animation, and editing. Even in the midst of action scenes, there is very little excitement. Then again, this was made several years ago, when the director was younger, which excuses it somewhat. For the actors, and if you want to see a classic brickfilm, it's worth watching.

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