(Enter Vladimir Vango)

Directed By: Harrison Allen

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Comedy
Length: 0:1:56
Released: August 5th, 2011

Content Advisory:  moderate violence.

Director's Comments

An action adventure.
I hope you like epic classical music and jazz.

As some thugs bring in their latest steal, an action hero comes in and takes them on in a super stylized fight scene.

Winner of the Making an Entrance Animation Challenge, as well as Dirty Sword Fight.

If you watch this a few times, you may notice my Archway, a ninja, and a reference to a classic brickfilm all hidden in this movie.
Good luck fining them. :)

Special thanks to Brick8 for making the challenge which started this.
To my fencing instructor for letting me use some of his jazz.
And Stan The LEGO Man for recording a scream which was actually recorded for another movie, but worked so perfectly here. xD

Please watch to the very, very end, I always have funny stuff after the credits. :)

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