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Overall: 5
Story: 7
Animation: 4
Cinematography: 6
Effects: 5
Sound: 6

Dark Bounty: Episode 3

Directed By: Tripod

Genre: Action, Sci-fi, Mystery, Drama
Length: 0:5:47
Released: November 16th, 2007

Content Advisory:  moderate language.

Director's Comments

"The True Path Revealed"

Things are finally explained.

Staff Review

Randy Yard:
The story doesn't progress much in this installment of Tripod's Dark Bounty series, but enough little hints are dropped to keep things interesting. Strong voice work and stronger writing, at this point a hallmark of the series, are back and better than ever here. Unfortunately, the same can be said for a few flaws as well, including sparse sets, grainy camera quality, and poor sound effects. However questionable these aspects may be, the story is entertaining enough to seize even a viewer unfamiliar with the previous installments; this is one of the quickest six-minute brickfilms you'll ever see.