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Overall: 8
Story: 6
Animation: 8
Cinematography: 8
Effects: 8
Sound: 7
Music: 8

Writer's Block

Directed By: quigibo

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Adventure
Length: 07:29
Released: May 12th, 2007

Director's Comments

A writer finds inspiration in an unexpected way.  Made in 2007, this is my fist and only non-comedy to date and was the first film that I experimented with frame rates higher than 15fps.  It took about 3 months from script to release.  Enjoy!

Staff Review

Have you ever had writer's block? I'm betting you have. As a matter of fact, I had it when thinking of what to write about this amazing film.
Writer's Block is, simply put, brilliant. From the moment it starts the director takes time to establish a mood, and he never stops. The film is constantly showing you its world, immersing you in its characters, yet it never feels forced. The whole thing is very easy to just fall into, and once you are in, it keeps you in your seat. A large contributing factor to this would be the high level of polish put into this film. Every detail is attended to, from the subtle noise of a paper falling into a wastebasket, to the beautifully animated pendulum of a clock. This leads me to the next two technical attributes of this film, animation and sound. Both are wonderfully well done, the animation near flawless, and the score doing an excellent job at keeping the atmosphere- haunting and mysterious. If there is one area this film doesn't completely succeed in though, it is, sadly, the story. Although the film builds up well, creating a high tension climax, it's main plot-line is rather cliché, and it leads to a somewhat predictable resolution- a lackluster ending to an otherwise great film. Still though, don't let that throw you off. Writer's Block is an excellent film, and well worth the 8 minutes it takes to watch. You won't fall asleep, I guarantee it!   

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