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Overall: 7
Story: 5
Animation: 7
Cinematography: 6
Effects: 6
Sound: 7

Mission Space 2

Directed By: quigibo

Genre: Comedy, Parody, Action, Sci-fi
Length: 18:27
Released: April 21st, 2005

Director's Comments

Drake and his friends must save the earth once again in this exciting sci-adventure.

Staff Review

Jonathan Vaughan:
Mission Space 2 is all that can be expected from an epic sci-fi Brickfilm. The story is basically a ripoff of Star Wars, and the film takes none of it at all seriously. This works to its advantage and disadvantage. I was amused even while watching situations I've seen countless times before, but at the end disappointed that nothing really original was added to the mix. For a Brickfilm, though, this is good stuff. Smooth animation, wonderfully sarcastic voice acting, and cheesy visual effects make this a level better than most other films here. Also, at close to 19 minutes in length, there's a lot of it to enjoy. Regardless of whether you've seen the original Mission Space, this is worth a look.

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