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[BRAWL2017] Intoxication Hallumentaire (Space Sauerkraut)

Directed By: Aiwha

Genre: Comedy, Drama
Length: 01:46
Released: July 2nd, 2017

Director's Comments

Brickfilm shot in less than 24h during the Fana'briques exhibition for BRAWL 2017, themed "Experimental".

The brickfilm was jointly made by Aiwha, France & Alex, Iguana, Legoander, Max_LGManiac, Maxou44, Skrins and Stop-Motion Studio HD. Thanks to our amazing voice actors MBstudio, Sylfried T and sax.

BIG thanks to Benjamin Walter, BrickOuest, Briqu'o rhin, Brickpirate, Creatif Team, Kloou et PuissanceBrick.

PS: We didn't get a ticket to hae a chance to win canned sauerkraut.

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