3 Sticky: How to Comment on a Film

by Sméagol

4 Lego Star Wars test

by Game Ka Brick

5 Stormtrooper vs. Redshirt

by StrutsStudios

6 The Wrong Car Mystery

by Minoitsac Universe

7 LEGO Bus Crash BTS

by Shark Suit Studios

8 Midnight Driver

by brickinawesomemovies

9 Building A Garden Shed

by Blue Brick Studio

11 When you reach 300 Subscribers

by Shark Suit Studios

13 Teaser Fana'Briques 2023

by France & Alex

14 Can't Have a Sh*t on Kamino

by StrutsStudios

15 The Insinuation

by Maxed Out Productions

16 Paddington 2 Is A Masterpiece

by Cromo Films

18 Blackout

by brickinawesomemovies

21 Time

by Cromo Films

22 Roast Duck

by brickinawesomemovies

23 Shayberger

by Blandeer

25 Sans jumpscares Spider-Man

by TheIcyBrick

26 Spider-Man Vs Prowler Preview

by Jaedin Flakes Films

28 The moon

by rays

29 That Perfect Date

by brickinawesomemovies

30 Duel of Iron

by Obstinarian

32 The Colonel Conundrum

by GregoryAnimations

33 Renaldo the Ogre

by murdstowe

34 Do You Bleed?

by Noob Builds

35 Did you know that...? #1

by DuckDuckGuz

36 Green Thumb

by TheIcyBrick

37 Lego world war 2 trench warfare

by Battle Axe Films


by Brickerbro

39 Minecraft: The Chase

by Malhuse