3 Sticky: How to Comment on a Film

by Sméagol

4 Bob the Man

by SuperPlush99

6 Slippery Cave

by PRfilmstudios

10 Redemption

by GediRitter

11 The L.A.M.P.E. Collective

by Brickstorming

12 Welcome to the feud

by BrickwillStudios

13 Lego German Passport

by Yetgo

14 RETURN of the Pants

by JuiceBoxStudios

15 LEGO street race


16 D-Day: The Battle of Omaha Beach

by thijsvanbrunschot

17 The Garden Dream

by janky.bricks

18 Interpol - Untitled

by C LEGO Films

19 Endless Cold

by Growth productions

20 The Killer Moth

by Teutonic Pictures

21 The Lawn MOwer

by Shortstop

22 An Unexpected Journey | THAC 2024 |

by Imaginator Productions

25 LEGO Fight 3

by Future Past Productions

26 A Family Affair

by Blandeer

29 The Fastest Food in the West

by BuggoBricks

30 A History of Brickfilms

by Max Butcher

32 CHAOS | My worst Nightmare in LEGO

by Leena, Mom of Nachiketas

33 "Murderer"

by Three Mountains Studio

34 The Quest for Cupcakes

by Shark Suit Studios

36 Lego Evmerging Darkness Is Mewing

by Evmerging Darkness

39 Trip to Memories | Steinerei 2024

by Leena, Mom of Nachiketas

40 The ATM Scuffle

by A Brick