3 Sticky: How to Comment on a Film

by Sméagol

4 Six Strings (THAC 2020 Entry

by Awesome4096


by AquaMorph

7 Opportunity : THAC XVII

by Lord Ringozinglyzong

11 Gem Heist | A Jane Adventure (THAC XVII)

by Infinity Prime Studios

13 Redemption- Thac 2020

by TheOkayanimator

15 Lego Police SWAT Raid

by Hellcat77

16 Scavenger THAC XVII

by SlothPaladin

17 Experiment 42

by OneDouglas

19 An Opportunity To Zoetrope

by legodave1

20 Anrufung - THAC XVII

by AoW-Gamer

21 The Whovians of the Daleks

by Fruitcake Fanatic

22 [THAC XVII] Ruinenlust

by Robukka

23 Gumbo Day Day of Gumbo

by Blandeer

25 Gerki's war - THAC XVII

by Duffosaur


by osomstudios

28 The Astronaut

by Joshua Nelson

29 Trash Can [THAC XVII]

by Wammy

30 Allure - THAC XVII

by DarthLevee

32 Nostalgia (THAC XVII)

by the2awesomeguys

33 Dog 8

by Ozone Studios

35 Best Trump Supporter Ever

by Woodrow Village

36 Dog Gets Drafted for WWIII

by Ozone Studios

37 Who Won? THAC 2020 Follow-Up

by JaguarBrickFilms

38 Mini Bar The Seventh Episode

by Antonio Ferrara

39 The Wallet (THAC XVII)

by BrickAnimator724