3 Sticky: How to Comment on a Film

by Sméagol

4 Johnny Thunder and the Tomb of Ramses

by Star Brick Studios

6 Just on the horizon

by BrickwillStudios

8 Free man and a fish

by BrickwillStudios

9 Magical Transformation (BIM)

by OkStopMotion

10 Transformation of Peter

by AoW-Gamer

11 The Gardening Robot (THAC 2023)

by Orbital Lizard Studios

13 The 9 to 5 /// A Stopmotion film

by CloneBrick123

14 EarthBound part 2

by Ash6861

15 Flim-Flam!

by Ziltrag

16 LEGO Frankenstein

by Infinity Prime Studios

17 Love at first Glaze

by Brickerbro

19 A "Magical" Transformation

by Obstinarian

20 A 1900 Silent Film Stopmotion

by CloneBrick123

22 Probation - THAC 2023

by Steve

23 Lego EarthBound (part 1)

by Ash6861

25 When resolve isn't enough THAC 2023

by mmm productions

26 Lego Batman vs. Man-Bat

by Gold Rider Production

28 Lego Star Wars Zoolander Meme

by CloneBrick123

29 Venus Fly Trap

by Ash6861

30 Lego Kickflipping Random Objects Part 2

by Ambi-Dexter Studios

31 Quite Disarming | THAC 2023

by Gobby Productions

32 Radical Scabbers

by AidanThinksCatsRule

33 Lloyd Fights A Clay Monster

by Benji Studios

34 Binary Sunset... with a Twist

by StrutsStudios

37 James Gunn FIRES Superman in LEGO

by JDiddy Productions

38 The mafia and their issues

by Legolightbulb

39 Writer's Block

by Dice_ept

40 Blink (BRAWL2022)

by MonkeyScoutsLego