3 Sticky: How to Comment on a Film

by Sméagol

4 Chloe is Calling

by Joshua Nelson

6 Are You Ready For This?

by 2x4 studios

8 GONK: A Jawa's Story

by Joshua Nelson

9 LEGO Shopping Fail

by dansstopmotion

10 Homeschool Anthem (quarantine special)

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11 Mini Bar The twelth Episode.

by Antonio Ferrara

12 A Medieval Murder Mystery Silent Contest Entry

by Buffalo Brickfilms (Aidan

13 Finding the Path (2014)

by mysteriouspi

14 Lego Blackpanther vs Kilmonger and Klaue

by MillerandMiles Studios

15 LEGO Interrogation (2014)

by mysteriouspi

19 Experiment 43

by OneDouglas

23 A Tasty Failure [SHAC 3]

by BrickAnimator724

24 Vacant - Teaser

by Chaizin

25 Trailer - On The Case - Preview

by The Brick Director

29 A Questionable Quest

by OneDouglas

30 Memories

by Chaizin

31 LEGO Star Wars PURGED

by thefourmonkeys

34 Brick 3004 (SHAC 3)

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35 V O I D

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36 Medieval Commixture

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37 Lego Zombie Squad

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38 Die Aussprache

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