3 Sticky: How to Comment on a Film

by Sméagol

6 Out of Service

by hirschundelch

7 Aftermath Episode 4

by Antonio Ferrara

9 He-Man vs Rubik's Cube

by SeanDoubleJ

10 Lego Doctor Who: How Far? Trailer

by JaguarBrickFilms

12 Lego Monster - The Experiment

by brick fun park

13 Desolate Shrine

by Major Chief

14 LEGO Island: A Twist In Time

by YummyBurritoProductions

15 A Fistful Of Lego Bricks

by keyframestudios

16 Hollywood Sucks 2 Director's Cut

by funmiproductions

17 Pizza Monster vs Ghostbusters pt3

by AMC - Brickfilms

18 Harold Sends His Regards

by Buffalo Brickfilms (Aidan

22 The Milkman

by KG

23 Miguel sends tidings

by AwesomepantsFilms

24 Harley Quinn Learning Numbers

by silvarsitektur

25 An Odious Cough

by Blandeer

28 The Night of the Demogorgon

by SCDude1999

29 Pablo Meets Spiderman

by Wammy

30 Grounds of Freedom EP10

by GroundsOfFreedom

31 Bumps in the Night

by SeanDoubleJ

32 Dan Pants’ nightmare

by AwesomepantsFilms

33 Dragon

by silvarsitektur

36 Interrupter: Chapter One | Brickfilm

by Buffalo Brickfilms (Aidan

37 Logan VS. KSI 2

by SireGooby

38 Knock knock

by nearyfilums

40 LEGO Steamboat Whillie

by YummyBurritoProductions