43 Simple Life - The Rent

by Cloudy VS

45 Gorble Day THAC XVI

by OneDouglas

48 Moon (THAC XVI)

by TheClassicSpaceman

49 Mortality (THAC XVI)

by pjlegomotion

50 Baby's Buffet (THAC XVI)

by PlasticPointProductions

51 The Discovery of The Lost City (THAC XVI)

by Buck Brothers Projects


by Future Past Productions

54 A Pirate’s Discovery (THAC XVI)

by BC Lego Movies

57 Santa's Cookie

by PlasticPointProductions

58 Lighten Up - (THAC XVI)

by The Immortal LEGO

59 Amigos (THACXVI)

by Humbug

60 Retribution Saga

by Skrins

61 The Quarrel Concerning The Kid

by MarkNelsonMovies

64 TPF - Change and Demotion

by Beatupbricks productions

65 Bored Clone Trooper

by SCDude1999

66 Brick Block's New Years 2019

by Brick Block Animations

67 The Plan Unveiled

by OneDouglas


by Cranebrickfilms

71 LEGO Jeff and Tom: The Magic Brick

by Lord Ringozinglyzong

72 Lego City In Chaos 2

by legovideosguy

73 L'attaque du distributeur

by LG Cinema Family

74 Marguerite

by LG Cinema Family

75 spiderman vs scorpion

by LG Cinema Family

76 Mon Lego City

by LG Cinema Family

77 Le fabuleux destin de Canin

by LG Cinema Family

80 Don't Mess With Santa

by DanielCloward