82 LEGO New Business

by BrickLabStudios

83 Winter Wonderland

by Future Past Productions

84 The Long Lost

by Bastetta

85 Recommended FilmA Bonus Christmas Special

by slotborg

86 S.W.A.T School 2 (Christmas Special)

by Blacksheeppictures

89 Trailer - App Man Season 2 Trailer

by William Osborne

90 Lego Zombie House

by SplitterShot

94 Lego Doctor Who: Silent Night

by MJC Studios

95 Riddles in the Dark

by Awesome4096

96 Recommended Film'18

by thistof

99 Recommended FilmOops! We Froze Our Dad

by legodave1

100 LEGO Gordon Ramsay: Rohan's Aid

by pjlegomotion

102 Lego Black Friday Shopping Fail

by TilouBrickStudios

104 The Killers by Ernest Hemingway

by Sean Silleck

106 The Magic Stud

by OneDouglas

107 Grounds of Freedom EP05

by GroundsOfFreedom

109 Recommended FilmLEGO Spider-Man

by DigitalWizardsStudio

110 Neon Christmas

by YummyBurritoProductions

111 Life Advice (A Brickfilm)

by Brick Block Animations

113 Maui - The Coconuts are Nuts

by TeamHansson

114 Claus Chaos

by Mistery

116 The Delivery

by Tiny World Studios

118 Brickworms

by Kocka 4005

119 The Knight's revenge

by DanielCloward

120 PewDiePie vs T series

by AwesomepantsFilms