201 Foot Step Sound Effects

by PMFilms

202 Microphone?

by bloogyo

203 Horror music technique

by Really_awkward_Projects

204 Music

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205 Monkyjam + audio...

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206 Copyrighted Music?

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207 Throwing Cars

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208 The "Dun Dun Dunn" sound?

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209 Voice morpher?

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210 Best for making music?

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211 Matching voices into animation

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212 Royalty-Free Music?

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213 Audio Conversion

by mcoov

214 Car SFX?

by L0stInPie

215 Need music for your films?

( Pages 1 2 ) by Caidan

216 Star Wars Sound

by BrickOnLife

217 Recording voices and audacity

by legostudiosplus

218 Just Wondring?

by Stoppedmotion

221 Great Weapon/Action Sounds

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222 Force Push/Pull Sound effect

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223 Composing Software

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224 I need a sound effect quickly!

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225 That Radio Effect Voice

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227 Anyone need any music for a film?

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228 Some of my Music.

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229 Creepy intro music needed!!!

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231 Composer available

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232 Blood squirt sfx

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233 Trailer Music Needed

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235 a sound efect needed


237 Background Noise

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238 Composer?

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239 Sound Editing

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240 Yeah!!!!!!!!!!

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