283 Chase Scene Music

by fib12345

284 star wars sound effects

by stanley 2brick

285 Sound Effect!

by zerowellies

286 score needed

by MMproductions

289 MP3 Compressor?

by Max Butcher

291 Audio with 9000

by MooCJ

292 Free Sounds

by lil'jj

293 Requesting a wind sound

by Cougar

296 Looking for the Hallelujah sound

by krakovibrick man

297 [Sound] Soundlibrary

by thijsvanbrunschot

298 Need small score...

by Cougar

299 Music help!

by filmyguy

300 Mixing sounds.

by Inscor

301 Any good mics that are cheap?

by Just Kidden

303 Explosion sound effect

by filmyguy

304 Terminator HUD sounds

by NickM

307 wilhelm scream

by MMproductions

308 [TUNE] Opening tune needed

by papaguru

309 [Proposal] Sound Library

by Blue Ghost

310 Need Song

by KinzCove

311 Custom Sound FX

by Jon64

312 [Request] Score for movie

by Donsalvatore

313 :)

by beesley1295

314 Audio Help!

by Inscor

315 Drum beat mapper

by Timboh56

316 I Need Music Help!

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317 Short Guitar

by MOL

318 [Score] Patriotic

by LegosJedi

319 [Request] The Jester

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320 [Request] Footstep

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