1 Sticky: Share Your Test/WIP & Give Feedback

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2 3D Animated Test Shots

by The_Director

3 Mouth Animation

by Jevy

5 Test

by Robukka

10 Model Boat Test

by BrandonB9

11 Summer 2017 Animation Tests

by backyardlegos

12 Test

by LFP Animations

15 Gum

by elDrac13

16 Inflating a chewing gum.

by elDrac13

17 LDD to Maya Tests

by BrandonB9

18 Dolly Test

by Brickman

19 Fight Test

by Ozone Studios

20 Kylo Ren Test Animation

by Box of Bricks

21 Voice test

by Magek Studios

22 Supercross series test

by phgodfrey

23 PlayerUnknown's BattleGrounds 2 WIP

by Chalios Animations

24 Test.

by Wisomotion

25 "Lightsaber"

by Slurping Animations

26 Lightsaber effect on iOS

by AwesomepantsFilms

27 The surviver teasers/trailers

by Magek Studios

29 The Advenutre of Banana Guy

by Awesome4096

33 Flying animation

by ShadowBrickProductions

34 Test for space series!

by SolidKeen

37 Lego Masking Test

by Stonycharlie

38 Lego Minecraft Test Animation

by Frame5Studios

39 Sword Test

by Sir Snorlax