81 Dolly Test

( Pages 1 2 ) by END films

82 Shaky Cam Test

by Brickman

83 2-second Melissa test

by HoldingOurOwn

84 Spaceship Takeoff VFX Test

by raytistic

86 Reallu Smooth Animation

by TMBRICKS Studio

87 Ant-Man Shrinking Test REAL ACCOUNT

by TMBRICKS Studio

88 Titles Test

by 1999mrlegoman

89 Brickfilm tests

by Sir Snorlax

90 Whoops

by toasty_muffin

91 LEGO - X-Men Teaser #1 [Feat. Logan]

by Shawarma Studios

92 Brick effects/bouncy animation test

by Mighty Wanderer

93 lego blood and weapons test

by TheClassicSpaceman

94 Moving mouth talking test

by BrickAnimation

97 Ease In & Out Arm Lift tests

by AgentMichaelScarn22

98 Tests

by LBF Productions

100 Green Screen Test

by WoodworkFilms


by Shawarma Studios

102 Lego Owen Wilson

by Immortal Entertainment

104 Animation Test #2

by Aled Owen

105 Bourne's Visit to Naples [TEST]

by RemnantMedia

106 Basic Animation Test #1

by Aled Owen

107 Stretch and Squash test

by SlothPaladin

108 LEGO - Light Saber Effect

by killerwars2000

109 Noir Tests

by samuelzz10

111 Lego Ultimate Spider-Man Opening Intro

by funmiproductions

113 Animation Tests

by Shawarma Studios

114 Closed: Heat Vision (Lego stop-motion test)

by The Immortal LEGO

115 Heat Vision TEST

by The Immortal LEGO

116 Batman, Red Hood scene WIP

by ninjastudios1

119 Work in Progress - Space Brickfilm

by ClonedOriginals

120 BRAWL Test

by Shawarma Studios