1 Sticky: The Brickfilm Casting Agency

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5 BRAWL 2020 Teenager/child voice needed

by Crested Screamer Studios

8 Collab

by Framework

13 Random Joe shmoe

by Panoramic Studios

14 my Star Wars film

by toad productions

16 EASTER 2020 casting calls

by 2x4 studios

17 Closed: STAR WARS VR180 Casting

by Lechnology

18 [Closed]

by ZachFB Studios

19 Little boy voice needed

by 2x4 studios

23 Female Voice Actor Needed (Resolved)

by Chicken Studios

26 frodo and saruman voice needed!

by cracksplatpop

31 Sawtooth Casting calls

by Colleendahmerproductionz

35 Male Voice Needed (Resolved)

by Ozone Studios

37 BIM Summer Contest Casting Call

by Tiny World Studios

40 Need a NICK FURY voice actor.

by speakbroccoli