82 Death's Messengers

by Mosh5256

83 My Dad - A Film on Fatherhood

by BecauseofJesusFilms


by BrickAnimation

85 The Life of Pie - A short film

by BrickBrosProductions

86 Lego maracas rhythm machine

by kostistlac

87 Family Portrait - Short Film

by Infinity Prime Studios

88 Toy Warfare: Jet Strike

by BrickAnimation

91 Non-Lego green screen jet tests

by BrickAnimation

93 Star Trek Figure Adventures

by JacobCrow

94 Unrest

by GHB

95 What is Christmas?

by BecauseofJesusFilms

102 LOTW Studios Christmas Logo

by William Osborne

103 Pedestrian Safety Videos

by Littlebrick

104 15 seconds of horror- The room

by funmiproductions

109 Called Official Trailer!

by BecauseofJesusFilms

110 Poe Dameron Stop Motion

by brickmationfilmscompany

111 Lego App Man Episode 3 Sneak Peek

by William Osborne

113 Channel Intro

by Swingler

115 Las Vegas Adventure

by chalksters55

116 TMNT Stop Motion Series Intro!

by Leo's World

118 100 Subscriber Special Announcement

by William Osborne