Topic: Music help!

Hey guys! I need some music for my Valentine's film pretty quickly.
Here's the kind I need:
Death metal (something good and loud)
Something by Hannah Montana (again something pretty loud)

Don't worry, if I have those two things playing in my film they aren't going to be playing for a while.
Especially the second one. mini/eek

If you could send me anything really loud and annoying like that, I'd really appreciate it! I'll credit you too! mini/smile

EDIT: Never mind about the Hannah Montana music. I found a 30 second download of a track of one of her songs, I listened to it... /shudder/... I am so disturbed right now...

I still need death metal though! mini/smile

I got what I need, guys. See post below.

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Re: Music help!

i play metal and i'm excellent at audio.

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Re: Music help!

Damn, sorry, guys. I think I should of looked through some of the stuff I had before posting this thread. So yeah, I got some good music that I can use as the death metal. But srsly, thanks for the offer, toxikinjektion! mini/smile
I'm good with music now I think. If I need anything else, like some sound or anything I'll let you know in this thread. Thanks again!